Tutorial: Exercise Videos For Classroom Presentations

How to incorporate workoutz.com exercise videos into classroom presentations


Content Usage Guidelines



  Locate the exercise video.



First, use the exercise directory to locate the video you wish to incorporate into your presentation. Click on the appropriate link within the directory to view the exercise.








  Locate the menu bar.



Locate the workoutz.com video player. Below it you will find a widget menu with several options (shown below). Once there, locate the "Save to Disk" link.







  Download the file.



Click on the "Save to Disk" link. A dialogue box will appear with options. Choose the "Save" option to store the video file onto your hard drive. Be sure to note the location of the saved file. You can rename the video file once it is saved.







   Open PowerPoint.


Open PowerPoint and locate the menu bar. Click the following path:


Insert > Movies and Sounds > Movie from File






  Embed the video file.

Locate the saved file to be embedded into your PowerPoint presentation. Click OK. A pop-up dialogue will appear asking you if you want the video to play automatically or not. Choose yes or no.

If you choose "yes," the video will automatically play when you arrive at the slide during your presentation. If you click "no," you must manually activate the video by clicking on it once. A second click pauses the video.



   Adjust video size and position.

Drag the video frame to any desired location on your PowerPoint slide. You may have to resize the video (Note: Workoutz.com videos are widescreen format by default). To do this, click on it once then select one of the eight small circles located around the video. Drag/Resize them to the desired dimensions.



 Test the video.

The computer from which you are presenting must contain both the original video file and the PowerPoint file. For best results, we suggest downloading the files to a zip/flash drive. Alternatively, you can forwarding both files to an email account and then download the files to the desktop of the computer from which you are presenting.

This video integration method works best because it does not require an internet connection.

IMPORTANT: All testing should be done on the actual "presentation" computer to ensure proper playback.

To test your video in a slideshow presentation, locate the menu bar, then click the following path:

Slide Show > View Show



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