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Rehband 7751 Knee Support Sleeve (Camo)

Rehband 7751 Knee Support Sleeve (Camo)

Rock Tape (Black)

Rock Tape (Black)

Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream

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Ideal for distance runners, athletes, and anyone needing skin protection from repetitive motions.
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  • Protect your skin from blisters, skin rashes, and saddle sores
  • Ideal for runners, athletes, and anyone needing skin protection from repetitive motions
  • Effective and long lasting
  • Feels smooth and silky
  • Won't sweat off
  • Easy and hygienic application
  • Feel better. Last longer.

Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream lasts the distance and won’t sweat off so you can apply it and forget about it. Get the most from your activity, whether you are out there for fun or training to win! Pleasant to use. It forms a thin protective layer on your skin that feels silky and smooth, never sticky. It washes off with soap and water, and won’t stain your clothes. Smells fresh and clean too. Convenient to use. Hygienic and quick application from the tube. No mess, even in extreme heat. Available in a medium size tube (a little goes a long way), and convenient single-use packs for travel and events. Keeps your skin feeling great. Skin conditioning ingredients soothe and calm irritated skin after activity. Apply directly to your skin to all areas where skin rubs against skin, clothing, and gear before your activity.

Feet - apply all over, and in between toes, to protect against blisters and cracked heels.

Inner thigh, groin and buttocks - apply directly to skin for best results.

Chamois - cream may be applied directly to chamois if preferred, but it works best with a direct application to skin as well.

Upper body - inside of arms near the armpit, under sports bra for women and men should apply directly to nipples.

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