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Lebert Equalizer

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Perform a number of exercises, including dips, inverted pull-ups, push ups, stretches, and more!
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  • One of the most versatile and portable exercisers on the market
  • Perform a number of exercises: dips, pull ups, push ups, stretches, and more
  • Works every major muscle in the body
  • Available in three colors: Lime, Yellow, Pink
  • Instructional DVD and exercise poster included
  • Sold as a pair

Simplify your exercise routine and conquer your fitness goals with the LEBERT EQUALIZER Total Body Strengthener™. The Lebert Equalizer™ is a simple, portable, yet multi-purpose and versatile piece of strength training equipment that works arms, chest, back and core muscles like no other can, using your own body weight as resistance.

Created by personal trainer and Taekwondo Black Belt, Marc Lebert, the Equalizer™ is now being used by athletes of all levels and ages, in bootcamps, group fitness, sports conditioning classes, martial arts clubs and home gyms everywhere. Participants use their own body weight as resistance and decide what level is right for them by "self-spotting". Self-spotting means the legs can be used to assist the user to perform exercises and/or when they cannot continue an exercise. A simple modification (usually leg placement) can allow for the set to be extended. With the ability to easily add more repetitions (without having to stop and change a pin in a machine or have someone helping), this product becomes very versatile. This simple versatility allows the user full control over the amount of body-weight used for a given exercise. The result is greater muscle endurance and strength. The Equalizer™ adds a new dimension to Group Fitness, Sport Conditioning, Personal Training and Home Gyms. The Equalizer™ is great for athletes, martial artists and anyone wanting a simple, yet versatile strength training tool. The Equalizer™ is ideal for personal trainers who are always looking for new and innovative tools to keep their client motivated and challenged. The Equalizer™ fits easily into any home gym environment. It is safe, lightweight and easy to store.


Weight: 8 lbs per bar

Height: 28.5 in

Width 25 in

Max Capacity: 400 lbs

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