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Accusplit Stopwatch A601X

Accusplit Stopwatch A601X

Basic Measuring Tape

Basic Measuring Tape

Gulick Tape Measure

The "gold standard" for body circumference measurements. Calibration lasts a lifetime.
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  • Made by Gulick
  • Spring loaded and self-retractable with the push of a button
  • 60 inches of tape (50 cm)
  • Weighted pull tab
  • Red dot for measurement consistency

The Gulick tape measure makes it easy for anyone to accurately and repeatably measure various body dimensions by applying a calibrated tension. It is non-stretch, non-metallic tape measure. The most important part of the Gulick tape measure is its tensioning device, which provides a known amount of tension while a measurement is being taken. Each individual tensioning device is precisely calibrated to indicate a 4-ounce tension. The Gulick tensioning device uses a stainless steel compression spring. This guarantees that the calibration will last a lifetime, since it is impossible to "over-compress" a spring of this type.

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