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Farmtek 40 Yard Dash Timer For Athlete Speed Training

Farmtek 40 Yard Dash Timer For Athlete Speed Training

LEONARD vertec mounted wingspan tester

LEONARD Vertspan | Vertec Mounted Wingspan Tester

LEONARD Portable Stadiometer (Height Rod) + Wingspan Tester

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The ultimate sporting combine and clinical research wingspan tester. Designed for portability. Quickly measure wingspan up to 9 feet wide. Features a built-in stadiometer capable of measuring height up to 8 feet tall.

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Patent pending. The gold standard for clinical research and fitness testing. Quick, innovate setup; assembles with minimal tools. Rapidly assess wingspan from 30 to 108 inches (9 feet). A single device that can measure anyone, anywhere, regardless of size. Built-in height rod measures up to 8 feet tall. Stadiometer features a magnetic height level, which allows for faster assessment. Test large groups quickly and accurately. Designed for both indoor or outdoor use. Measurement component folds down when not in use. Horizontal and vertical scales feature 1/8th inch graduations. Weighted base to prevent tipping in windy conditions.

Part Number: LWT001

UPC: 700538518571

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