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Medicine Ball Rack (5 Ball)

Medicine Ball Rack (5 Ball)

Rhino Promax ELITE Wall Balls

An oversized, weighted ball. Double stiched seam. Designed for wall ball exercises. Retains shape and weight balance over time.
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An oversized, weighted medicine ball. Designed for wall ball exercises; not intended for slamming. Retains shape and weight balance over time. Better quality than competing slam balls. Soft shell construction. Fourteen inch diameter. Sixty-day manufacture warranty. The Rhino Promax Wall Ball is strong enough to absorb abuse while maintaining its shape and weight balance. This allows you to increase or decrease ball weight and resistance without having to change positioning. This item is not intended for slamming. The Promax Balls do not roll around, which is great when working with groups because it significantly reduces the risk of tripping from rolling "get away" balls. All Promax weighted balls are 14" in diameter.

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