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Accessory Strap

Accessory Strap

Spring Loaded Clip

Spring Loaded Clip

Large Strap With D-Ring

A large multipurpose strap with limitless applications. Hooks onto many surfaces: poles, trees, fencing, etc. Available in two lengths.
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  • A large multipurpose strap
  • Hooks onto many surfaces: poles, trees, fencing, etc.
  • Steel D-ring sewn to one end
  • Two sizes available: 15.5" or 30.5" (1.5" wide)
  • Black color
  • 1-year warranty

This strap has a number of uses. It can be handheld and used with resistance bands and tubing. It works great as an extension strap to accommodate various exercises (e.g. assisted pull-ups) by lengthening or lowering the starting height. The steel D-ring allows you to connect devices such as bungee cords or resistance tubes. The D-ring is sewn into the webbing and does not swivel about the full length of the strap. The strap can also be looped around the ankles or under the foot. This is ideal for exercises requiring a partner to manually anchor resistance cords while an athlete performs the drill. It fits around most limbs, including upper arms and thighs. The possibilities are endless. The strap can be looped around pull-up bars, chair legs, poles, fencing, trees, and more. Both long and extra long strap can be used as hand grips for pulling various forms of resistance. This is a very strong multipurpose strap that will last for years. Large strap measures 15.5 inches long. Extra large strap measures 30.5 inches long. Both are 1.5 inches wide. 1-Year Warranty

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