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Resistance Band Exercise DVD

Resistance Band Exercise DVD

Workoutz Fit Loop Stretch Ankle Bands

Workoutz Fit Loop Stretch Ankle Bands

Lateral Stepper

Suggested for "extra wide" steps. Improve strength in the hip and thigh muscles. Removable bungee cord.
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  • Suggested for "extra wide" steps
  • Improve strength in the hip and thigh muscles
  • Enhance multidirectional speed, strength, and power
  • Padded, large ankle cuffs for ultimate comfort
  • Removable bungee cord
  • Provides up to 50 lbs of resistance

The lateral stepper is ideal for increasing strength and quickness in the hip and thigh muscles. Large padded ankle cuffs provide added comfort during leg exercises and speed drills. Designed for lateral movement, but can be used in all directions (forward, backward, lateral). A great tool to integrate into any speed, strength, agility, or balance training program. The lateral stepper is recommended for "extra wide" lateral stepping (beyond a normal range), side kicks, front kicks, and hip flexor training. The resistance cord is protected by a safety sleeve, which prevents dangerous situations.

NOTICE: The bungee cord on this stepper is longer than normal. Resistance is not applied until the feet are approximately 19.5 inches apart. Accordingly, it is best suited for longer steps (beyond a normal range) or ballistic kicking.


Entire length (end to end): 30 in

Removable bungee cord length (clips included): 19.5 in

Padded ankle cuff length (fully opened/extended): 27 in

Max resistance: 50 lbs

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