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Workoutz Bar Pad

Workoutz Bar Pad

NEXO Essential Barbell

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  • Spin: Composite Bushing
  • Shaft Diameter: 20kg 28mm, 15kg 25mm
  • Length: 20kg 86", 15kg 79"
  • Knurl Markings: IWF & IPF
  • Sleeve Coating: Black Chrome
  • Shaft Coating: Black Chrome
  • Static Tested: 800lbs.
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The NEXO N200 Essential Barbell is a perfect bar for beginner weightlifting enthusiasts, budget friendly and competes against barbells that are triple the cost! This barbell is perfectly designed for a home garage or studio gym. It features a black chrome coating, a medium knurl that won't rip up your hands, and no center knurling. This barbell can be used for anything like benching, squatting, or deadlifting. It also performs great in all Cross-Training and HIIT style workouts. Available in both 20KG and 15KG options.
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