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Vertec Target Vanes (Replacement)

Vertec Target Vanes (Replacement)

Smedley Hand Grip Dynamometer

Smedley Hand Grip Dynamometer

JAMAR Hand Grip Dynamometer

Measures grip strength. Professional model used in clinics, research facilities, and sporting combines.
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  • Measures grip strength
  • Professional model used in clinics, research facilities, and sports combines
  • Two pointers read in kilograms and pounds up to 90kg or 200lbs
  • Comes with instructions and testing charts
  • Carrying case included

The JAMAR® hydraulic dynamometer is designed for routine screening of grip strength, which is also an indicator of total body strength. The adjustable handle can be placed in five grip positions, starting from 1.375 inches to 3.375 inches in half-inch increments. The sealed hydraulic system features a dual-scale readout that displays isometric grip force from 0 to 200 pounds (up to 90 kg). The complete kit includes the hand grip dynamometer, testing instructions, chart of norms, client/patient record charts, and black carrying case.

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