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Freelap Pro Coach BLE 112

Freelap Pro Coach BLE 112



Freelap Pro Coach BLE 424

A digital timing system designed to accurately measure running speeds and split times for multiple athletes simultaneously. The athletes wear FxChips that wirelessly transmit accurate timing data to the coach on an Android or iOS device.
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The Freelap Timing System is an easy to use, fully automated, wireless timing system. Sets up fast! Includes Relay Coach BLE with Tripod, (4) FxChips, (2) Tx Touch Pro Transmitters, (4) Tx Junior Pro Transmitters, and Pro Coach Canvas Case. The timing data is transmitted using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to an Android or iOS device such as a smartphone or tablet. The Freelap Timing System is designed for a wide variety of training scenarios for numerous sports. It can be used to time fly-in sprints, splits, block starts, tempo runs, recovery times, laps, long and triple jump runway speed, football combine 10 and 40-yard dash, agility patterns, and more! Freelap can be set up in less than a minute. Simply turn on the transmitters and place them on the track or field and begin training. Coaches can set up a 30 meter fly-in sprint in the time it takes them to walk 30 meters. Unlike photocell timing systems, Freelap can time multiple athletes simultaneously. For example, Freelap can time several sprinters performing fly-in 30 meter sprints on the inside lanes while timing mid-distance runners performing 200 meter tempo runs in the outside lanes. All of the components are mix and match; components can be purchased in kits or individually. The Pro Coach BLE 424 allows you to do the following: Run 2 athletes at a time to gather 2 split times from a stationary start. Run up to 4 athletes at a time from a fly-in start. Run 1 athlete at a time to gather 4 split times from a stationary start. Additional chips can be purchased to add more runners. Additional Tx Junior Pro transmitters can be purchased to add more splits or lanes. The Pro Coach 424 Timing System includes the Pro Coach, Relay Coach with tripod, 4 x Radio Chips with belts (belts now shown), 2 x Tx Touch Pro transmitters, 4 x Tx Junior Pro transmitters.

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