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Accusplit Stopwatch A601X

Accusplit Stopwatch A601X

Soccer Corner Pole With Flag

High visibility corner flags consist of a 60 inch plastic yellow pole with a red flag (removable).

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Attractive bright color; made of high-impact PVC material. Features a safety spring; pole will bend and spring back into place when hit. Stakes into the ground via steel spike. Can be used as agility weave poles (flag is removable). Approximately 5 feet height (1.52m). A great field marker! Our corner flags consist of a yellow, high-impact PVC pole with a red flag. The steel ground spikes are 6 inches (15.2cm), for a total length of 66 inches. Suggested applications: field markers, distance measuring, general sports conditioning, track and field, boot camps, and more. Available for purchase individually or sets of four.

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