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Economy Speed Chute

Economy Speed Chute

Waist Resistance Harness

Waist Resistance Harness

Workoutz Evasion Belt


Improve multidirectional speed, agility, and balance. Great for partner/team drills. Quick and easy setup. Black carrying bag included.

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  • Improve multidirectional speed, agility, and balance
  • Great for one-on-one drills
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Black carrying bag included

The evasion belt consists of two 1 inch nylon belts joined together by a velcro strap. Once the waist belts are fastened, the "evader" must try to maneuver away from the "chaser." The chaser must try to reach for one of two orange flags positioned on either side of the evasion belt. Successful evasion occurs when the velcro center strap becomes disconnected. The center cord is approximately 5 feet with an adjustment range of about 1 foot. The entire assembly is approximately 8 feet in length. Each waist belt has two orange flags which are affixed with velcro. The belts will fit waist sizes up to 46 inches. Black carrying bag included. Weighs .35 lb

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