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Cannon Ball Grips

Cannon Ball Grips

Body Solid Inversion Gravity Boots

Body Solid Inversion Gravity Boots

Heavy Duty Adjustable Vise Gripper

Enhances grip strength. Fully adjustable from 45 to 500 plus pounds of pressure.
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  • Enhances grip strength
  • 84 points of adjustment will ensure a strong grip and forearm growth
  • Heavy knurled aluminum handles for a stable grip.
  • Three heavy duty springs for building a crushing grip and massive forearms
  • Fully adjustable from 45 to 500 plus pounds of pressure

The CFF Pit Bull Super Vise Gripper boasts 84 different levels of tension. From the beginner to the professional athlete, regardless of your level, grip work should be a staple of everyone’s fitness program; even if you do not workout. Surprisingly, many people feel their grip does not need to be worked. Maybe because they do not currently workout or maybe they do and just use wraps when the weight gets too heavy. Regardless, a strong grip is not just about big muscles; it is about strengthening a part of the body that is probably used more than any other muscle, aside from your heart. Strengthening your grip can also help in injury prevention. Using a gripper on a regular basis can prevent/alleviate ongoing issues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Build a grip that locks like the jaws of a pit bull.

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