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NEXO Adjustable FID Bench

NEXO Adjustable FID Bench

NEXO Commercial Half Rack


FREE SHIPPING to 48 STATES! High quality commercial half rack that rivals any brand on the market.

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The NEXO Commercial Half Rack is a great setup for anyone looking to maximize their space in a minimal footprint. It features 3in. x 3in. 11-gauge uprights with 5/8in. holes, westside spacing in the bench press zone, eight weight plate storage pegs, and numerous attachment options. This rack is as modular as they come and can be upgraded or reconfigured as your gym expands.


Steel: 11-Gauge

Coating: Matte Black Powder Coat

Dimensions: 48in x 55in x 88.5in

J-Cup Spacing: 1in bench zone, 2in everywhere else

Assembled Weight: 320lbs

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